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As part of the measures recently implemented by the Mexican Health Ministry to decrease the spread of Covid 19 in critical jurisdictions, the National Immigration Institute has officially decreed activities suspension in Mexico City and State of Mexico branches from December 19 until January 10. 


What does this mean? 

  • There won't be public attention service; this includes applications submission, biometric appointments completion and exit/entry permits submission and issuance.

  • For the case of foreign nationals with pending processes willing to travel outside of Mexico, Immigration offices at the airport will remain opened to consider permits issuance under urgent circumstances and a case by case basis.

  • Immigration personnel turns system has been internally implemented to mitigate work flow and continue processes analysis, however, a considerable delay of overall applications should be expected.

  • Important note: for the State of Mexico's INM branch, additional delays should occur, as part of Toluca and Tlalnepantla's offices fusion.

  • As per last official information, remaining INM offices in Mexico are estimated to remain closed from December 25 until January 3, 2021.


If case of questions or additional information, feel free to reach us at and , or via webpage scheduling a consultation call at

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